Thursday, March 15, 2018

69 Days Homeless

Tomorrow (March 15th) will be my 69th day as a homeless person. I became homeless (left my apartment) on January 7th and living like this up to now. Now take one fact in mind that I wasn't homeless and living on the street, I am still lucky enough to have good friends who accepts me and gives me a chance to survive. There are many topics that come to my life's story of homelessness. I'd like to start from the beginning

How did I end up homeless

All in all, I am a crazy guy and I won't deny that I love adventures, however, this adventure wasn't as fun as I expected. Before January 1st I managed to earn ~7500DKK (1000 EUR) and my contract of the rent was ending (could not renew it and it is a long story why). To get a new rent I needed approximately 1000 EUR for the move-in month (first-month rent + deposit) which I thought would be too risky since January was exam period, so I decided to go homeless for maximum one month.

From "rich-boy" to nobody

 At that moment my thoughts weren't prepared to be homeless for this long. I thought maybe 1 month and that will be it. Sorrowfully I was always feeling my bank account is full of money, yet this was wrong. I went full "rich-boy" and traveled to Lithuania where I spent ~200 euros in 2 weeks which is still reasonably nice, but 2 weeks were wasted to enjoy life and waste money which could've been converted into even more money and stable life. Approximately in January, I spent 400-500 euros. Other money went to give back some loans from friends and faster food in grocery stores (noodles, cheap pizzas, peanuts etc) which could've been a future investment into rice, spaghetti, vegetables. Moving on I came back from Lithuania on February 8th and had way less money than anticipated and from that point, a more serious homeless stage began.

 1st Semester thoughts

Before I cover how did I manage to survive I'd like to cover that I knew something like this may happen. The amount of money I took to Denmark was little compared to others and I was counting every nickel until I got a job in December and my rent contract had no deposit which lasted 4 months September -> January 7th. This is why I had to pay per month ~360 euros. Knowing this fact I networked myself as much as I can and tried to find real true friends who could help me out in this situation and I was successful. Found many contacts which up to this day offers some help which I am super glad and sometimes don't realize how much I depend on people. If I haven't made a choice to network myself between students, there is a high chance I would've dropped out of school by this day.

My way of surviving

Currently, I managed to couchsurf 4 places. I won't mention the names of the people for the storytelling however, I'll use their first name letter. On January 7th I moved into my best friend's K. flat who was going to high school with me in the same class. Sadly he was moving out also, so I was able to stay there for 2 and a half weeks later my friend I. from high school also helped me to survive from the middle of January up to 26th of it. That day I had a ticket to Lithuania and came back to Denmark on February 8th. I moved into the same I. spot for 2 more weeks and then the last station - R. spot on February 28th. During the period of 28th and Mar 14th, I slept few times at K place and that's the whole having a place to live in situation. Coming back to the end of February I started getting worried that I am ruining my life. A lot of time has passed yet I still haven't accomplished much in terms of money + I was behind in studies, so then hardcore studying sessions began. I managed to catch up in ~February 20 and on Feb 22 my birthday happened where I rested too much and because of that skipped two days of school. I know, my fault yet again. This is where a realization came to my mind that I am ruining my life up and it is not fun anymore, grievously enough I didn't go for much of a change and entered a monotonous state of mind where I just study and not look for work that aggressively (I was just making calls to the temp agencies).

Current life situation

4 minutes will pass and I'll successfully enter the 69th day when I am homeless. Not sure if I should be proud that I am alive or sink into despair of how miserable my life got after I moved out from my apartment and did some silly mistakes. Now I have exactly 2016DKK (~270 EUR), tomorrow, on March 15th, I literally won't have a place where to live consistently, thankfully I will have where I can store my items safely and I will not have a consistent place to live for 5 days, so this weekend and next week's start will be hell of a mess. Why I am moving out from R place, I won't go into detail now as it is a long story I believe. I still don't have a job, even from temporary workers agency, I call them almost every day, but nothing happens, I am behind in school, since I am super sick today and tomorrow I am not sure where I will go aaaand the whole story that I told you here is not known by my parents so here's that. This is the amount of pressure I am dealing with. Living by the day at this moment. Hopefully, it will payback in the future if I won't leave this world.

Future plans

Currently, I plan to livestream mostly daily on Twitch and use Twitter as a way to express my life, just writing short messages what I do and how I am doing would satisfy my inner-ego as I love to communicate without giving a f***.  The blog topics will vary from programming to philosophy, psychology and of course my life stories as a homeless guy in Denmark. Hope it wasn't a long and hard read, sorry if it was a boring post, been a long time since I've written something with more post, higher quality will come.

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